Monday, 26 March 2012

Merit Badges: How Salesforce Motivates a Workforce

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Here’s a very serious question: Are the tools your company’s employees use to do their job more or less motivating to that end than the apps, games, and social services they use to do something other than their job? Put another way, does the software your people use for play improve the quality of their work, more than the software they use for work?
This is a question that a company called Rypple first started tackling three years ago. Identifying what Rypple was, was evidently hard enough - in 2009, ReadWriteWeb called it an enterprise solution for garnering feedback; two years later, we re-introduced it as a tool for rewarding employees for good performance. Both were partly right. Fortunately for Rypple, Salesforce perceived it as something substantially greater, and today Rypple is being re-reintroduced as the latest cloud-based component in the arsenal.
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►Mini Matmian:
We are no strangers to the gamifying of the work place (we use a great piece of kit for software development called RedCritter Tracker) and from our experience it can certainly be a great motivational device. 
There are pitfalls to watch out for and you need to carefully analyse whether it would be right for your business but, if implemented effectively, it is a great tool for rewarding employees for good performance.
What are your thoughts on adding Gamification to the work-place?

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Will the Homes of the Future be Gamified?

Here we are again, discussing the buzzword of 2011/2012; Gamification. It has rapidly gained acceptance, seeping into the consciousness of the digital media industry and it is now making noise on broadcast TV.  
There is a new reality TV show on Channel 4 called ‘Home of the Future’ where they ask an average family to experience what it might be like to live in the future, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology and gadgets.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

RedCritter Tracker: Motivation by Gamification

Many companies opt to use incentive or reward programs in order to motivate staff and increase sales or work done. Wouldn’t it be awesome to not only have an online incentive/rewards program but mix it in with some Foursquare-style gamification for a conceptually awesome motivation tool?
That’s what RedCritter Tracker might just be. RedCritter allows you to create new projects, invite your team and reward the completion of tasks. Users will earn points when they complete their tasks which can be spent in your own company rewards store and even earn badges! Trust me when I say that when I was told about the app, I was very excited to try it out.  
You can also read Matmi’s own experience with RedCritter Tracker here

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starbucks’ augmented reality app gets all lovey dovey

Starbucks is giving its augmented reality mobile app a little bit more love. Literally. As part of a new update, users of the company’s Cup Magic app can now point their phones at Starbucks Valentine’s Day-themed cups to see new, love-themed effects that appear to be happening on the cup itself.  
Besides looking neat, there is—of course—a business hook to get you to buy more than a cup of something for yourself. The app lets users buy and send digital Starbucks gift cards to friends that can be delivered on Valentine’s Day, as well as providing a way to send messages that require the recipient actually head to a Starbucks, buy a beverage, and aim it at one of the limited cups to see.    

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Petanque 3D - a Unity3D game from Matmi

Extremely cool game. Boules on the beach anyone?

How do you add the "Je ne sais quoi" of French chic to a promotional game? Je ne sais pas – but fortunately, other Matmians do …. and the result is a gorgeous looking game of classic French boules, Petanque 3D.

We've used the capabilities of Unity 3D to the max, to show off three French resorts where the levels are set, the game itself & the players (who are pretty good looking too, it has to be said). With single and multi-player options, 4 players and 3 levels of difficulty – plus setting up each shot for direction, height and power – Petanque is rather addictive.

It creeps up on you quietly, draws you in with that lovely French holiday feeling, a wonderfully laid-back soundtrack, stunning (sunny) graphics – and all of a sudden it's dark outside! Definitely one of our most evocative games.


Developed by Matmi