Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starbucks’ augmented reality app gets all lovey dovey

Starbucks is giving its augmented reality mobile app a little bit more love. Literally. As part of a new update, users of the company’s Cup Magic app can now point their phones at Starbucks Valentine’s Day-themed cups to see new, love-themed effects that appear to be happening on the cup itself.  
Besides looking neat, there is—of course—a business hook to get you to buy more than a cup of something for yourself. The app lets users buy and send digital Starbucks gift cards to friends that can be delivered on Valentine’s Day, as well as providing a way to send messages that require the recipient actually head to a Starbucks, buy a beverage, and aim it at one of the limited cups to see.    
Via news.cnet.com

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