Thursday, 23 February 2012

Petanque 3D - a Unity3D game from Matmi

Extremely cool game. Boules on the beach anyone?

How do you add the "Je ne sais quoi" of French chic to a promotional game? Je ne sais pas – but fortunately, other Matmians do …. and the result is a gorgeous looking game of classic French boules, Petanque 3D.

We've used the capabilities of Unity 3D to the max, to show off three French resorts where the levels are set, the game itself & the players (who are pretty good looking too, it has to be said). With single and multi-player options, 4 players and 3 levels of difficulty – plus setting up each shot for direction, height and power – Petanque is rather addictive.

It creeps up on you quietly, draws you in with that lovely French holiday feeling, a wonderfully laid-back soundtrack, stunning (sunny) graphics – and all of a sudden it's dark outside! Definitely one of our most evocative games.


Developed by Matmi 

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