Monday, 6 February 2012

NW1: Nerf War 1

Nerfing Private Ryan
The escalation: 
It began with a single shot. One whistling tube of foam, flying through the air like a dive-bombing hawk. It’s target? An innocent Matmian’s head.
It had begun. Within a week, a full-scale battle could be heard coming from above the peaceful lower-living Matmians. The sky dwelling ones had started something that would eventually lead to a full-scale war. An arms race developed. But this was no cold war, this was a ‘Foam War’.
The fight:
The lower-living Matmians were out numbered and out gunned, but their spirit was strong. One brave soul took on the aggressive sky-dwellers. He did not last long.
However, single man strike teams continued to raid the sky dwellers domain. Each and every time, they were taken down. Occasionally, the sky dwellers would venture down in 3 man parties to target an individual. They began to put resources into research and development, culminating in a magnum based nerf gun. You certainly knew if you had been hit by one of them. They even started a training camp, using printouts of the faces of lower-living Matmians for target practice.
Yes, the sky dwellers were organised and equipped while at the same time, the Matmians below were embroiled in civil war – targeting each other.
Balance of power:
It eventually became clear that if the lower-living Matmians were to survive, they had to band together. The fight was on. A new weapon was brought into the fray by a well funded lower-living Matmian: a rapid firing nerf gun, bigger than anything either side had witnessed. Modded to the hilt, it struck fear into all who saw it. The balance of power began to shift. However, could the lower dwellers remain organised to take the fight to the sky dwellers and win?
Time will tell…
Do not try this at home. Trained professionals were used.
No Matmians were truly injured in the nerf war.
[image manipulated from original Saving private Ryan poster]

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