Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Celebrating Nivea’s centenary

Mementos of Closeness InGame
There’s nothing old and wrinkly about this competition game release for Nivea!
Taking the brand’s “Feeling closer” theme, we developed a concept around mementos – objects with emotional value that we often associate with friends, places and good times. “Mementos of Closeness” is the result – a 5-level game set in various locations around the UK featuring short, fun Nivea advertising clips that subtlely reinforce the brand’s presence during play.
Players need to collect at least 10 mementos in each level to progress – everything from gas stoves and powder puffs to rubber ducks and guitars! You may find the odd Nivea product lurking in the scenery too… (we figured that was OK; it’s their game after all).
Nivea sponsors ITV’s “This Morning” show which is our 3rd encounter with the broadcaster (“Colour of Money” and “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!”). People are going to start talking soon…..
Talking of which: “Mementos of Closeness” is a competition game and closes on 30th November so get on there and get playing! You can win an exclusive tour of the “This Morning” studio or one of 50 Nivea goodie bags – which has got to be good on the run up to Christmas (ugh, sorry, did I really just say that word?)
Anyway! Over to you and if you like the game, don’t forget to pass it on to your friends through Facebook and twitter. Big thanks to the guys at Nivea and ITV – and good luck to all players! The marvellous Matmians can’t enter the competition – which is a shame for our girlfriends but good news for you.

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