Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mojang Wants to Give Up 'Scrolls' Trademark, Bethesda Suing Regardless

The people at Mojang are keeping themselves busy with a new title called Scrolls (in addition to still working on Minecraft, of course). Anyway, they’ve hit a snag when Bethesda sued them over the ‘Scrolls’ trademark. Bethesda’s latest move in the company’s legal action against the independent studio shows that the company may not really be interested in the trademark at all. Kotaku has the story.
►Mini Matmian:
Poor move Bethesda…just poor. Wreaks of desperation and an, as of yet, unknown motive for wanting to simply stamp on the Majong developers.
They should be focussing on the Skyrim release and ensuring it’s not bug riddled like most of their past releases (anyone who has experienced Bethesda’s past games know what I’m talking about).

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