Monday, 17 October 2011

USA Network scores with gamification on Psych TV show

USA Network scores with gamification on Psych TV show
Gamification — using game-like features in non-game applications — is paying off for brands.
NBC Universal’s USA Network found that it could double the engagement on its Psych TV show web site with a game-like competition. Jesse Redniss, vice president for digital at USA Network, said in a talk at the Gamification Summit today that game-like reward programs generated a 130 percent increase in page views for the network’s Psych show and a 40 percent increase in return visits. That adds up to a decent financial pay off.
The Psych section of the site, dubbed Club Psych, encourages visitors to become loyal fans with achievements and rewards. The show has 1.5 million Facebook fans and users spend an average of 22.5 minutes on the Psych site. Fans can play games, watch videos and answer trivia questions. If fans share something on the site, they get 200 reward points. If they take a poll, they get 50 points. The challenges are posted on the home page every week; that drives return visits, with 50,000 coming back every day. For every shared piece of content, the fan gets 10 points for every additional fan who shares the content with someone else.
“The more you share, the more you win,” Redniss said.
The Nitro-based reward system for the Psych site shows the leaderboards for who has the most reward points, spurring a natural competition among users. The network offered virtual goods for users with lots of reward points. But the engagement really took off on Sept. 3 when USA Network offered a limited number of real goods — merchandise related to the show — to users in exchange for their reward points. Within a few days, the DVDs, signed posters and other goods ran out.
Redniss said the show’s audience grew significantly during the past season. The network is planning to expand the use of gamification across a number of its other properties as well, Redniss said.
►Mini Matmian:
A great example of how to implement a simple gamification system to increase engagement and customer loyalty. Check out ‘The Office’ page for another great use of gamification for TV shows

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